The creative work you are being introduced to in this presentation is my own. My desire to get involved in art and jewellery making in particular was inspired from my first visit to Latin America at the beginning of this millennia. It was in Mexico that I learned my first steps and my studies in jewellery making are ongoing. After several years I became an apprentice to my masters and current friends, Miguel and Lilli, who live in San Cristobal de las casas. I am grateful for the inspiration and skill I have gained through their teaching. I continue to develop my own creative work. I am inspired by dreams and bring them to everyday life through my work. The products you see in my gallery are the result of my work and personal involvement in trying to comprehend the relationship of the human being to him/herself, to his/her environment, grasping a moment of beauty. You can make an order from the displayed jewellery or if you desire an original design I will be happy to discuss your ideas with you. Jakub Diego Lovacky